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People who know me well know that HGTV is my favorite television channel. When the HGTV Magazine started, I used to make a point to read them every time that I visited my brother-in-law, Felix. My brother-in-law is an Associate Professor of Theater Design and Technology at Syracuse University. I share that to let you know that he has TONS of design magazines, HGTV Magazine and so many others. Once I bought a subscription, my HGTV Magazine collection started to look like Felix’s because I keep them. Good design never goes out of style.

As I read a recent issue, I was beyond excited to see an ad for the 2nd Annual HGTV Magazine Blogger Block Party. It was a FREE event that was held in New York City. With my upcoming surgery and my husband’s upcoming stem cell transplant, I NEEDED some free fun. Did I say that the event was free? It was free.

Sara Peterson, Editor-in-Chief of HGTV Magazine, and Me

Sara Peterson, Editor-in-Chief of HGTV Magazine, and Me

The Blogger Block Party was held on Monday from noon to 8:00 p.m. at 404 NYC, which is on 10th Avenue. I made my way to NYC late in the afternoon because I had to work that day. I decided to do an entire day of taking the New Jersey Transit train. I gave myself a break from driving 80 miles. I gave Candace, my car, a break from being driven 80 miles. Commuter Life.

I took the train from home to work, work to NYC and NYC back home. So relaxing. Those double decker train cars give a great view of the scenery. Coming home from NYC, though, I had to ride backwards. No bueno.

If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram, you saw some of my pics.

I have arrived!

I have arrived!

Although my time at the Blogger Block Party was short, I had some much-needed fun and I received a much-needed respite from the recent stresses.

How are your stress relieving techniques working for you? Have you been faithful in practicing self-care by getting away from the stresses in life to have some FUN? Please share. Feel free to leave a comment at the end of this post, on the Facebook fan page, Tweet me or use the form on the Contact page. Be blessed. Stay encouraged.

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