Reproductive System Fitness ~ The Hysteroscopy

Header - Post - National Day of PrayerI am asking for your prayers as I undergo a hysteroscopy on Wednesday, August 26.  You may remember that I went to the emergency room in mid-January because I experienced pain in my lower abdomen.  The emergency room doctor found two cysts and a fibroid.  Specifically,  I have a cyst and a fibroid in my uterus and another cyst in my right ovary.  I followed up with my gynecologist in February.  She assured me that the cysts and fibroid were not concerning.  She would monitor the situation.

However, she was concerned about the thickness of my uterine lining at a particular point in my cycle and heavy bleeding during one of the days of my period.  I never thought much about the heavy day because it was just one day.  The other four days of my period were fine.  I simply dealt with the heavy day every month and kept it moving.  My gynecologist directed me to have two ultrasounds between days 7 and 10 of my cycle.  I had those done in early May.

My gynecologist called me a few days later and stated that the ultrasounds showed polyps in my uterus and told me to schedule the hysteroscopy.  I decided to be a good patient (a previous primary doctor told me that I was a bad patient.) and did as she directed.  I would appreciate all of your prayers during and after this procedure.  Thank you.  Be blessed.  Remain encouraged.

Min. Crystal L. Cochren