Black Girls RUN! Virtual Race 2: My First 10K Is On The Books!

Header - Post - 100 MilesMy second of four virtual races for 2015 is done!  As you may know, the Black Girls RUN! Virtual Race Series consists of four races:  March 28, June 27, September 26 and December 5, 2015.  The distances are 5K, 10K and 13.1 miles.  I plan to participate in all four virtual races.  I am half way to the final finish line. For the June 27 race, I decided to be ambitious and I selected a 10K (6.21371 miles).  You can read the recap of the March 28 virtual race to find out why I’m all about virtual races.

Because of the rain on Saturday morning (I didn’t want to melt), I did my virtual race on the treadmill at the gym.  It was slow going because I did not have the opportunity to train as much as I wanted.  Story of my life.  Around 5.50 miles, I wanted to quit.  Seriously.  My legs were screaming at me.  Although I had the option of completing the race over more than one occasion, I didn’t feel right splitting up the distance.  That doesn’t seem like a race to me.  That’s just me.

I am sooooo glad that I didn’t give up.  I felt a huge sense of accomplishment when I was done.  For me, there’s nothing like achieving a health and fitness goal.  When I think about the little girl who avoided gym class like the plague, I marvel at the fact that I actually make health and fitness goals AND I want to achieve them.

The bling is another motivation to keep going.  I was giddy when I saw the Black Girls RUN! package in my mailbox yesterday!  I love goodies and shiny things.  It’s so pretty.BGR! Medal - 06.27.15 - Zoom  Who doesn’t love a medal?  My medal rack is growing slowly but surely.  Sort of like my running pace.Medal Rack - 3  Two races are left.  Both will be 10K.  I’m nowhere near ready to graduate to a half marathon.  Nowhere.

Have you ever participated in any virtual races? What has your experience been? Please share your thoughts with me.  You can leave a comment at the end of this post or on the Facebook fan page, Tweet me, or complete the form on the Contact page.  Be blessed. Stay encouraged.

Min. Crystal L. Cochren