Reproductive System Fitness ~ 2 Cysts & A Fibroid Walk Into A Bar…

Header - Post - Mammogram 2I know that I probably shouldn’t joke about cysts and fibroids, but sometimes I need to bring some levity to the various trials in my life. It is amazing that as soon as I began to win against the attack on my finances from my husband’s week-long hospitalization and cancer diagnosis, that my body starts getting attacked.  I trust God.

As you know, I’m a tracker. In addition to tracking my weight loss progress, I track my reproductive cycles, periods and ovulation.

Last week on Wednesday afternoon, I felt a twinge in my lower abdomen. I chalked it up to ovulation after I realized what the date was. However, the twinge morphed into outright pain on Thursday morning. I have a fairly high threshold for pain, but I knew that the pain was not normal. Thursday is my heavy court day, so I went to court. I know. I know. I had eight hearings scheduled (yes, eight) and I needed to be in court. I know. I know. I thank God that two of my attorney colleagues, Farida and Catherine, shared their Advil with me. I made it through the day relatively pain free. Relatively. It was Advil, not Percocet.

On Friday morning, my husband and I went to the emergency room. After several tests and seven hours, I was told that I have a cyst and a fibroid in my uterus and another cyst in my right ovary. I have to follow up with my gynecologist, which is scheduled for February 16. The pain is intermittent and I haven’t taken any pain medication since I was discharged from the emergency room. Thank God.

I am praying for my complete healing and restoration.  I solicit your prayers during this time, as well. Thank you. Be blessed. Remain encouraged.

Min. Crystal L. Cochren

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