Sometimes You Have To Encourage Yourself

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Sometimes you have to encourage yourself.
Sometimes you have to speak victory during the test.

Lately, I have been singing these song lyrics to myself.  I have had many challenges to performing my normal fitness routine.  Consequently, the scale has been going in the wrong direction.  No surprises there.  Ideally, I would like to exercise Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  Lately, however, four days of exercise every week has not been occurring.  I thank God that the fitness class offered at my church has helped me stay somewhat active.  I am sharing this because I don’t want to get discouraged by the current state of my fitness life.  Also, I am seeking suggestions for overcoming these challenges.  Any assistance or advice will be greatly appreciated.

The Commute:

When my husband and I moved at the end of June, my commute to work went from 15 minutes to 60 minutes (on a good day).  Friday evenings, it may take me about 90 minutes to arrive home from work.  No bueno.  Since I live “a million miles away” as my mother says, the new commute is ALL highway.  If you know anything about New Jersey highways and New Jersey drivers (they’re crazy), you know that my commute is horrendous.  I am usually exhausted when I finally arrive home.  I have ZERO desire to exercise.  I’ve done workouts at home from the Nike Training Club App a few times, but I need cardio.

Now, I spend an obscene amount of time in the car.  I drive at least 80 miles a day at least 6 days a week, every week.  I drive 40 miles each way from home to work or church.  Add errands…

Lack of Sunlight and Warmth:

When we first moved, I would walk outside early in the morning.  Despite the fact that I am NOT a morning person, I was on a good roll.  According to my Nike+ Running App, I walked 59.5 miles during the month of August!  I walked most of those miles on the open road in my new neighborhood.  Once fall arrived, however, the sunrise was later and later.  Sunset arrived earlier and earlier.  Daylight savings time is still in effect!  I’m not walking outside in the dark…for a variety of reasons.  Also, I don’t do cold weather.  So, I decided to start going to the gym early in the morning instead.

The Gym:

Our Planet Fitness is a 30-minute drive from home.  Do I really need to spend another 60 minutes in the car?  Anyway, I like our Planet Fitness because it’s open 24 hours a day, every day.  With work, ministry and family responsibilities, my husband and I really need the flexibility that a 24-hour gym provides.  I also like Planet Fitness because the dues are $10 a month for each of us.  I like a good deal.  I am currently researching new gyms closer to our home, but they are all more expensive and are not open 24 hours a day, every day.  I may have to bite the bullet and join a new gym, but I am asking the My Faith and Fitness Blog readers for input first.

Please share your suggestions and advice for overcoming these exercise challenges.  Any assistance or advice will be greatly appreciated. Feel free to leave a comment at the end of this post, on the Facebook fan page, Tweet me or use the form on the Contact page.  Thanks. Be blessed. Remain encouraged.

Min. Crystal L. Cochren



4 thoughts on “Sometimes You Have To Encourage Yourself

  1. Nadine says:

    Good morning! I’m so glad I just discovered your blog. I just moved to North Jersey and I understand your commute situation. (I too went from a 7 minute commute to a 57 minute commute…ugh.) As far as Planet Fitness, most of the ones I’m familiar with are open 24 hours. Can you find one that is either close to your house or even in on your way to/from work? Because of my new schedule, I’ll be going to the gym (Workout World) in the morning at 5am, taking a shower there, then go to work. Or can you change your membership to the Black Card? That seems to offer more flexibility. Good luck with making a decision! 🙂

    • Min. Crystal L. Cochren says:

      Thanks for your comment, Nadine. Logistically, a Planet Fitness close to work is a problem because my husband won’t be able to exercise with me. We only have one car, so our options are limited. God bless you with that commute. I feel your pain. Thank you for reading. Be blessed. Remain encouraged.

  2. fitbody4me says:

    “God created it. Jesus died for it. The Spirit lives in it. We’d better take care of it.” is a quote from Pastor Rick Warren that always gets me going. Don’t overwhelm yourself by committing to too much at one time. Make a small effort to do a gym visit or home workout a few times a week and then increase as you make it more of a habit. My friend and I started an Instagram account called @fitbody_4me where we post free workouts, motivation and fitness tips to encourage women to embrace their bodies and get in great shape. Check it out for home workouts or motivation when you’re not feeling like sticking to your routine.

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