I'm in the February 2014 Woman's Day Magazine!!

Woman's Day Cover - Feb. 2014Mark your calendars.  Grab the February 2014 issue of Woman’s Day Magazine from news stands beginning January 14th.  The ladies of the Live Longer and Stronger Challenge and I will be featured!  Check out how much weight we have lost and how we have lowered our blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Let me know how you like the issue.  You can leave a comment at the end of this post or on the Facebook fan page, Tweet me, or complete the form on the Contact page. Be blessed. Remain encouraged.

6 thoughts on “I'm in the February 2014 Woman's Day Magazine!!

  1. Hannah says:

    Hi, Mrs. Crystal. I read about your fitness success in Woman’s Day today and just wanted to say congratulations! I saw your blog address and just wanted to come say hello. 🙂 Good for you taking steps to stay healthy! 🙂 It has encouraged me.

    • Crystal says:

      Thank you for your comment and encouragement, Hannah. I truly appreciate your thoughts. Please vist the My Faith and Fitness Blog again. Remain encouraged. Be blessed.

  2. Yolanda says:

    Hi Crystal my name is Yolanda just read your article in womansday I supposed to have started my diet on the 1st but keep falling off the wagon I am 70 lbs overweight your article encouraged me to get back on track thanks and keep up the good work

    • Crystal says:

      Yolanda, thank you for sharing your story. I have added your name to my prayer list because I want you to succeed in not only losing the extra weight, but also in establishing and maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle. I want you to eliminate “diet” from your vocabulary. You are not “on a diet.” You are “eating healthy.” I want you to stop referring to “the wagon.” We all have days where we do not eat as healthy as we would like, for various reasons. When those instances occur, we need to make an honest assessment of why we deviated from eating healthy and make the necessary adjustments. Sometimes, the food choices are beyond our control and we need to make due with our circumstances. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Take it one meal at a time. I am cheering for you, even if you can’t hear me!

      Thank you for reading. Please keep me posted on your experiences. You will reach your health and fitness goals. Remain encouraged. Be blessed.

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