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The Nutrition Nook ~ Healthy Holiday Food Choices

Header - Post - Healthy EatingThe Nutrition Nook is a monthly column featuring nutrition information for healthy eating from Renee M. Simpson, RDNRenee is a registered dietitian who loves good food herself AND she has had her share of battling the bulge.  Soul Food TherapyRenee’s corner of the web is located at the Soul Food Therapy blog, which “provides recipes, articles, and encouragement for anyone who has a love affair with food, and desires to live a healthy lifestyle.”  I pray that you are encouraged by what Renee has to share.  This is Renee’s final post for The Nutrition Nook.  We thank her for her valuable contributions.  * Remember to consult your primary care physician or dietitian before beginning a new nutrition regimen.*

This is the most decadent time of year. From candies and chocolates and homemade treats to buttery yams and glazed hams, we love it a lot and we love a lot of it. Here are five of my favorite tips to help you make it through this time of year without overdoing it.

  1. For every carb, choose two non-starchy vegetables. Avoiding a buffet of carbs not only helps keep down weight gain, but aids in keeping down your blood sugar and blood fat as well.  Sweet Potato Souffle
  2. Don’t forget the salad. Starting a meal with a salad takes up valuable real estate in your belly. This limits space available for a carb heavy main course.
  3. Save the best for last. When going for dessert, choose only the homemade options. They are always the absolute best, and so worth the calories and fat.
  4. Get to know coconut butter. This flavorful ingredient can take the place of butter in many dishes while providing a more healthy fat option. Try it with yams, sweet potatoes, or butternut squash.
  5. Visit Soul Food Therapy for delicious healthy dishes to add to your holiday meal and to take to your holiday parties. New recipes will be added weekly until the week of Christmas.

If you use any of these tips I’d love to know about it. In the meantime, have yourself a delicious holiday season.

Renee Simpson, RDN

2 thoughts on “The Nutrition Nook ~ Healthy Holiday Food Choices

  1. PrayersNApples (@PrayersNApples) says:

    Great tips! The holidays are full of so many yummy foods, but it’s important to eat healthy so that we feel our best (and our mind is sharp!) so we can fully enjoy time with our friends and family – and focus on the real reason for the season 🙂 thanks for sharing! ♥

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