Personal Growth For 400 Miles

Header - Post - Weight LossLast night, I surpassed 400 miles with my Nike+ Running App. 400 MilesAs I approached this milestone, I began to reflect, as I am apt to do when milestones approach, on my very first time using the Nike+ Running App. I even re-read my posts about my 100, 200 and 300-mile achievements.

June 2011 was my first foray into the good health and fitness arena. At that time, I needed a sensor for my sneaker in order to use the app to track my distance and speed. I was so excited at the Apple Store (one of my favorite stores) when I purchased my sensor. I have come a long way, literally and figuratively, from that first outing at the track near my home. Since that time, I have learned a lot about my body and my endurance level. Now, I have more muscle tone. I have increased my speed and my strength. I can actually run! I was no where near running on that first day.

That Friday evening in June 2011 was a trying experience. I could not even begin to think about running. I remember that I wanted to get the extra pounds out of my life, but I did not have a concrete plan about how to accomplish that goal. Despite my slow start, the next morning, I was back at the track, undeterred.

First Run with Nike+When I turned 40 and started writing the My Faith and Fitness Blog, I became more focused with my weight loss planning. Since I started the Woman’s Day Live Longer and Stronger Challenge, I have been learning more about my body and the mistakes that I made in the past. This entire good health and fitness journey has been a growth process for me, mentally and physically. Although seeing unwanted numbers (weight and percentage of body fat) on the scale doesn’t ruin my day, the numbers still bother me. The numbers and the weekly fluctuations don’t bother me as much as they used to annoy me. I want to get to the point where I can say to myself, “It is what it is.” I’m not there yet. I’m still growing. I’ll get there.

Physically, I’m actually running! Intermittently, but running nonetheless. I actually consider myself a runner!  I have increased my speed by 3 1/2 minutes per mile since June 2011.  Who would have thought that the girl who avoided gym class like the plaque would actually be a runner? 400th Mile RunMy husband is my trainer. He used to run track when he was in school. Since April of this year, he has been training me for my transition from walking to running. The training is based on sets of 100 steps. You count on the right or the left, not both. He started me at 80 steps walking and 20 steps running. That first day with 20 running steps, I thought that I was going to collapse. It was April 20th. I had just celebrated the one year anniversary of the My Faith and Fitness Blog. I was not seeing the results that I had hoped to see. I knew that I needed to intensify my exercise. This new training regimen has helped me tremendously.

Because of my performance with the 80/20, I realized that I have sooo much work to do in order to run continuously. During my first 5K race in May, I had progressed to 60 walking and 40 running. Currently, I do 50 walking and 50 running. I plan to shift to 40 walking and 60 running in October. I look forward to the next running level with great anticipation.

How are things going on your journey of good health and fitness? Please share. If you need more motivation or encouragement, please let me know and I will add you to my prayer list. You can leave a comment at the end of this post or on the Facebook fan page, Tweet me, or complete the form on the Contact page. Be blessed. Remain encouraged.

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4 thoughts on “Personal Growth For 400 Miles

  1. Sarah J. Parker says:

    Crystal, your on-going story is such a great source of inspiration. I appreciate your humanness, and how realistic you are. I turn 50 next August. My goal is to be under 200lbs by then. Currently, I walk a 3-mile loop through my neighborhood 4 or 5 times a week, and today I go to pick up my bicycle which was being tuned up. When I was in Colorado last year, I had progressed to where I could go for a 15-mile ride at a time. I’ll ride today after I pick up my bike and see how long it takes me to ride the same distance. (I plan to ride the same walking route I take, but loop it 5 times). Your prayers that I continue to gain strength and move into better health would be greatly appreciated! I’m on this journey with you, and pray for greater holistic health for both of us! My motto is: Onward and Upward! Amen.

    • Crystal says:

      Thank you for your encouragement, Sarah. I pray that you are able to surpass your distance on the bike. I hope that you view your next birthday as a time of great celebration, whether or not you reach your goal. I’m sure that you will. 50 will be a great milestone for you. You certainly do not look your age! That is also a blessing. Thank you for reading.

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