What My Body Has Taught Me

Header - Post - Lessons from the Open RoadSince I started the Woman’s Day Live Longer and Stronger Challenge in June, I have spent more time and energy analyzing why my weight loss progress had been so slow. Don’t get me wrong, slow progress is better that no progress or weight gain. I do appreciate the fact that I am actually losing weight. Black_Woman_on_Scale_2I am glad about it. The bottom line is that I need to SWEAT, a lot. My grandmother used to tell me that ladies do not sweat, we “perspire.” So, in my Gram’s language, I need to “perspire” a lot. My body has taught me that while all activity is good, I need to sweat a lot if I want this extra weight to leave my life.

June, the end of the fiscal year for the judiciary, was extra busy for me because I was in court for 15 of the 20 weekdays. At the end of each day, I had to go to my office and prepare for the next day. No gym or track. No bueno. At the end of June, my husband had a car accident in our one and only vehicle. He’s fine and not injured, thank God. In July, we had a rental for about two weeks that was an extreme gas guzzler. Our gym is not in our neighborhood. We selected our gym because it is open on a 24-hour basis from Monday to Friday. We would have gone broke putting gas in that rental, if we had gone to the gym four times a week. So no gym, just the track.

Now that we have a new car and life has returned to “normal” I have been able to visit the gym more regularly. Consequently, I have been seeing the progress that I want to see. I share this because I want to encourage you to analyze what is happening, or not, on your journey of good health and fitness. Learn YOUR body. It has a lot to teach you. Every body gains and loses at different rates. It is important that we do not measure our progress by someone else’s progress. Some people do not need to exercise as hard or as often as others. Once we learn where we are in the grand scheme of weight loss, we can govern our activities accordingly. If I had not learned that healthy eating and light exercise are not sufficient for me to reach my exercise goals, I would have encountered a lot of frustration. Now, I know that I will always need to exercise hard in order to lose weight. Now that I know that I need to sweat, sweat, sweat, I push myself. I am reaping the benefits.

How are things going on your journey? Please share. You can leave a comment at the end of this post or on the Facebook fan page, Tweet me, or complete the form on the Contact page. Be blessed. Remain encouraged.

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  1. ddotolivia says:

    Crystal, thank you for this. It is a reminder to me to listen to and honor what my body is telling me.

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