Blogging While Brown 2013: The Ultimate Recap

Header - Post - Carbs and MeAs you know, I attended the Blogging While Brown Conference this month. Because the My Faith and Fitness Blog is my first blogging experience, I was excited to have the opportunity to hone my skills as a blogger. BWB-TwitterIcon-1 transparentWriting the blog is not an issue for me. I enjoy writing. I do not pressure myself to create a daily blog post. I do have a fairly intense day job, after all. Practicing law is more than a 9-5 endeavor. Ministry is another activity that requires my time. The business of blogging, however, presented a challenge for me. I wanted to learn more about this world of blogging that I entered in April 2012. Blogging While Brown offers the opportunity for networking, education, and professional development to Black bloggers. The 6th Annual Blogging While Brown Conference occurred on June 21-22 at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in New York City.

Since its launch in 2008, Blogging While Brown has grown to become the premier blogging conference dedicated to education, collaboration, and innovation among bloggers of color. The conference brings Black social media experts, speakers, and independent content creators together to educate, inspire, and expand their influence in social media and technology.

I was so excited about attending this conference! I did some tweeting (@MyFaithFitness and @CrystalCochren) from the conference using #BWBNYC.  I met so many bloggers and had great discussions about the blogs and brands.  My sistafriend Donna Olivia from seminary attended the conference on Saturday.  Here we are during the conference.BWB2013 with Donna  Donna writes the From Time to Time Blog.  The new folks that I met at Blogging While Brown were definitely focused.  I will be adding their websites to my Resources & Blogs page soon.  I took copious notes.  I made some important networking connections.  Also, I have several action items that I plan to implement starting Monday. Monday? Yes, Monday. I’m not procrastinating. I just need to get to and through June 30th. I’m excited about what the future holds for me and the My Faith and Fitness Blog! God is busy using the blog and me in mighty ways.  Stay tuned. Here are a few tidbits from some of the sessions that I attended!  For more nuggets of wisdom, search #BWBNYC on Twitter.

  • Stop Thinking Like a Blogger and Think Like a Business! (Lamar Tyler of Tyler New Media, and Black & Married with Kids): Make yourself better. You have to create an atmosphere where it is impossible for others to ignore you.  Be on your grind.
  • Online Energy, Offline Synergy: How Creating Content Online Can Create Financial Opportunities Offline (Jodie Patterson of and Nicole Moore of The Hotness): Become an expert on your topic. People will invite you to speak and write on your area of expertise.
  • Strategic Partnerships from a Brand’s Perspective (Executives from TV Land): You must be a 360 degree content creator. You must know how to market, build and distribute content.
  • Blogs and Brands: Make sure that your online persona is consistent among all platforms.
  • Blogging for the Love of the Blog (Michele Grant of Black and Bougie, Carolyn Edgar and Deesha Philyaw of Co-Parenting 101): Build your tribe organically. Be willing to take tough advice.  Decide what your boundaries are and stay within them.
  • Diversity: Unpacking the Supply and Demand Side of Diversity (Elisa Camahort Page of BlogHer): Value diversity. Prioritize diversity. Ask for help to achieve diversity.
  • Crowdfunding Your Creative Project: Advice From 3 Rock Star Women On Using Kickstarter and Indiegogo (Janel Martinez of, Evita Robinson of Nomadness TV and Kimberly Bryant of Black Girls Code):  People fund people, not causes. Be authentic in your fundraising request.

Because of the last session, I have been inspired to create a fundraising project to raise $1,200.00 so that I can attend the Women In Ministry Conference in Atlanta in September 2013. Please help to spread the word.  More details on this fundraising effort will be announced on Monday, July 1st!

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