It's Our First Anniversary! Get Your Gift

Header - Post - About MeI know that it seems counter intuitive for me to give a gift to the readers of the My Faith and Fitness Blog on our First Anniversary.  Usually the gift giving is in the opposite direction on special occasions such as this.  On this special occasion, I am giving my readers an ebook that I have written entitled, “My Faith and Fitness Devotional:  40 Days to Spiritual and Emotional Prosperity” for you to download, print and share.  If you want to save a tree or two, you can download, save and share it electronically.

First AnniversaryThe inspiration for me to write this devotional occurred a few months after I began writing the My Faith and Fitness Blog.  I began writing this devotional in August of 2012.  However, other pressing assignments prevented me from giving my full attention to continuing my writing until March 2013.  God’s timing is perfect.  The purpose of this devotional is to focus on the spiritual and emotional fitness that only God can provide.

The format of this devotional is clear.  Each day, I present a concept, a scripture and a few paragraphs discussing the topic.  I conclude by encouraging you take steps to secure emotional and spiritual prosperity for yourself.  My desire is to encourage you on your Christian journey.  We have so many forces in our lives that seek to tear us down and demoralize us.  While you are taking good care of your physical self, I pray that the “My Faith and Fitness Devotional:  40 Days to Spiritual and Emotional Prosperity” will help the spiritual and emotional aspects of you prosper, as well.  I pray that the entries in this devotional assist you while you engage in spiritual warfare.  Please download, read and share. Freely you have received.  Freely give.  Be blessed.

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2 thoughts on “It's Our First Anniversary! Get Your Gift

  1. Dionne Boissiere says:

    Thank you so much for this amazing gift! I will download and share it. You are gift to the World. Much love and blessings to you!

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