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Header - Post - About MeI have had the opportunity to review “Witness to Fitness:  Pumped Up! Powered Up! All Things Are Possible!” by Donna Richardson Joyner.  In the interest of full disclosure, I have not received any compensation to write this post and I received the book free.

Witness to FitnessYou may remember that we gave away a copy of this book in February.  I was excited to read the book because I thought that the book would help me on my journey of good health and fitness.  I wanted to implement the 28-day program into my current regimen so that I would not only be physically fit, but also be spiritually fit.  The book is not a “weight loss” book.  “Witness to Fitness” is a healthy lifestyle book.

In addition to the 28-day program, “Witness to Fitness” contains three sections, which focus on mind, spirit and body.  The Changing Your Mind section acknowledges that if a person’s mind is not focused on achieving the goal of physical fitness, the person will not become physically fit.  Joyner gives several testimonies of how she was able to achieve many of her personal goals once she set her mind on achieving those goals.  The Living in the Spirit component helps the reader focus on aspects of spiritual health:  vision, faith, passion and purpose.  The Loving your Body section highlights how our relationship with food and our food choices affect the body’s functioning.

Some of you may feel burdened by your bottomless appetites and stuck in an unhealthy lifestyle, but there is hope for you today.  Food isn’t about wearing shackles; it’s about freedom.  You have the freedom to choose the foods that are delicious, enjoyable, and life sustaining for your body, soul, and spirit.

The 28-day plan includes exercises demonstrated by Donna Richardson Joyner, suggestions and recipes for healthy food choices during meals, a daily scripture and song, as well as an inspiring testimony of someone who took the important step to begin the journey of good health and fitness.

I recommend adding “Witness to Fitness:  Pumped Up! Powered Up! All Things Are Possible!” by Donna Richardson Joyner into your journey of good health and fitness.  You will be blessed by the progress you make.  As Donna says, “Be a witness to fitness!”  Be blessed.

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