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Black History Month Feature: Bishop Rosa A. Horn

Header - Post - Black History Women PreachersIn celebration of February as Black History Month, the My Faith and Fitness blog has featured several Black women preachers.  Our last featured preacher is Bishop Rosa A. Horn.rosa_a_horn

Born in December in 1880 in Sumter, South Carolina as the granddaughter of a slave, Bishop Emeritus Mother Rosa A. Horn attended private school throughout her young life.  She worked as a dressmaker in Augusta, Georgia where she lived with her husband and children Jessie and William Jr. Impressed with a local Pentecostal Church, she became a member and went out evangelizing.  After her husband’s death, she relocated to Evanston, Illinois where she became an ordained minister under the ministry of Sister Woodworth Etter.  The Lord then commissioned her to go east and rebuild true holiness.  In 1926, she established the Pentecostal Faith Church in Brooklyn, NY which was later incorporated in 1929.  Along with her daughters Bishop Jessie A. Horn and Bishop Gladys A. Brandhagen, the trio established multiple churches, ministries, and foreign missions.  Mother Horn was a very educated and cultured woman who was known for deep devotion to God and her acts of humanitarianism.  Her ministry has paved the way and given birth to many well-known and influential ministers of the past and today.

The preceding excerpt can be found of the website of The Pentecostal Faith Church, Inc.  You can also learn more about Bishop Rosa A. Horn in “Daughters of Thunder:  Black Women Preachers and Their Sermons, 1850-1979” by Dr. Bettye Collier-Thomas.  Be blessed.

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4 thoughts on “Black History Month Feature: Bishop Rosa A. Horn

  1. Prayers and Apples says:

    What an amazing life 🙂 Especially to have been such a strong woman and accomplish so much, doing so much for others, after what had to be the really hard loss of her husband.. inspirational ♥

  2. Gwen says:

    I remember her when I was a child. She and her daughter’s had an aura about the. Whenever you heard, “Mother Horn” her name would linger in the room like a holy mantle…..what a powerful legacy.

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