The Plateau

I reached a plateau on September 18th.  The 16.8 pound weight-loss plateau.  I did not realize it at the time, but it is clear to me now.  Previously during the summer, I reached the mark of losing 16.8 pounds.  I thought that I was on a roll.  I was looking forward to the day that I would reach 20 pounds of lost weight.  Since the summer, I gained some pounds and I lost some pounds.  Alas, here I am again.  I’ve been here for a minute.  Here is weight loss of 16.8 pounds.  I thank God for the progress I have made.  However, I began to wonder what was keeping me stuck at 16.8.

In September, I decided to focus solely on strength training because the hurt muscle in my left leg had not fully healed and was becoming worse.  I noticed that my walking sessions on the treadmill were aggravating the muscle.  When my husband and I met with Patricia, our registered dietician, this week, I explained to her that I have reached a plateau.  I also shared the extra news that my scale has been sharing with me.  Not only, was the weight the same on September 25 and October 2, the percentage of body fat increased 2% from the previous week BOTH times.  “What in the world is going on?”

Patricia was a baffled as I was.  I am still baffled by those body fat increases.  Patricia offered some suggestions to try between now and our next meeting.  My goal is to get back to the treadmill by the end of October.  My hurt leg muscle is healing nicely, now.  When I resume my dates with the treadmill, I need to ensure that I stretch properly before and after walking.  Prior to hurting my leg, I did not fully realize the importance of stretching before and after.  I would always stretch afterwards, but it was not enough.  Lesson learned.

How are things progressing on your journey of good health and fitness?  I am praying for your progress and that you reach the health and fitness goals that are appropriate for your life and lifestyle.  Be blessed.  Stay encouraged.

6 thoughts on “The Plateau

  1. Sand Between My Sneakers says:

    Just stumbled across your blog. I’m working on my stretching too. I’m thinking about getting into a yoga class at least once a week to help with my running, but I’m afraid I will get bored.

    Great blog!

  2. A.H. James says:

    Stretching is very important, especially when warming up towards a tougher exercise regimen as well as cooling down. Hope your leg muscle’s fully healed by now. Stay fit and healthy!

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