Water, Water and More Water

I have a testimony about the importance of drinking water. I have learned from several sources about the health benefits of water. Reading about something and actually experiencing the phenomenon are two vastly different things. I have a weekly weigh in on Tuesday mornings. On September 4, I learned that I had gained 5 pounds since my previous meeting with the scale on August 28. I was not happy about the news, yet I was not despondent either. I knew that my activities from August 28 to September 4 did not include one single trip to the gym, so, I was not surprised by the weight gain.  Also, my husband and I went to The Great New York State Fair during the holiday weekend. Although we walked A LOT, we also had a Gianelli turkey sausage from the Dinosaur Bar-B-Que concession stand. Mmmmmmm.  This morning, I did not expect to see a weight loss because I only made it to the gym one time since September 4th.  But, I did.  Praise God for the progress!

The main difference between the two time periods is the water factor. During the first week, I drank no water.  I did not track my meals as I usually do, so I have no idea what I ate.  I know what you’re thinking, “No bueno.”  I thought that same exact thing at the time.  During the second week, however, I was back to tracking and drinking water at every opportunity, even during meals.  Usually, I would drink water during the day and drink juice during some meals. This morning, when I saw that I lost 5 pounds, I knew it was because of the water.  With the results I saw today, I am going to continue to drink water with my most of my meals. I will limit my juice intake severely. It’s a new day! How is your progress on your journey of good health and fitness? Please share. Stay encouraged.