September is the Time for Renewal

Every year when September arrives, I think of it as the beginning of a new phase in life. For 24 years of my life, September was associated with the beginning of a school year. Those 24 years consisted of K-12, four years of college, three years of law school and four years of seminary. Although I have been done with seminary for two years, I still think about the newness that awaits me now that September has arrived.

One thing that I need to renew is my practice of exercising at the gym four times per week.  I have not lost my will power nor desire to attend the gym.  However, August was an extremely busy month for me.  When most people were relaxing and taking vacations, my schedule seemed to explode with extra meetings and events.  Since I cannot be in two places at one time, I had to sacrifice my gym time in order to attend to those extra tasks.  I thank God that my weight loss progress did not suffer too much because of the change in my exercise regimen.  In fact, on August 28, I noticed that I lost body fat, despite the fact that I gained 1.4 pounds from the previous week.  I am working my way to the point where I do not dwell on not staying on track.  Sometimes, life intervenes and our plans are interrupted.  I did not gain weight in one day.  I will not lose these 78 pounds in one day.

Right after Labor Day, I will be back at Planet Fitness renewing my practice of maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle.  What aspects of your life need renewal? How do you plan to achieve that renewal?  Please share.  Feel free to leave a comment at the end of this post, follow the blog on Twitter or request to join the Facebook Encouragement Group.  If you just want to be a fly on the wall, become a Facebook Fan of the blog.  You can also complete the form on the Contact page. I would like to know what your plans are so that I can pray for your success in reaching your goals. Be blessed.  Remain encouraged.