Change Must Be Constant

I fell into an exercise rut. Me and the treadmill. The treadmill and me. I was not sweating as much as I had been at the beginning of this journey. I was not experiencing the results that I wanted to experience. I could not cast the treadmill to the side, however.  It’s too hot outside to walk around the track near my home.  Heat and humidity even as the sun sets is no bueno.  I’m not trying to fall out from heat stroke. I still need to walk.  I am preparing my body to train for my first 5K race that I intend to run during the Spring of 2013.  But, I needed a change.

Change can spur growth.  The treadmill and I have changed our relationship.  I decided to increase the incline every week until I reach the maximum height. Last week, I was pleasantly surprised when I could still maintain the speed that I walked with no incline. I am making progress. Last night, my Nike+ Running app let me know that I actually walked 37 seconds FASTER than the average of my last seven sessions. Who knew?

When I had my weekly weigh-in this morning, I could see the results of the most recent change. Praise God for progress! How is your progress going on your journey of good health and fitness? Maybe you need a change. Remember, slow progress is still progress. You are still making more progress than people who are NOT on the journey of good health and fitness. Remain encouraged.