My Divorce From Butter

Butter and I are getting a divorce. We have not finalized the divorce yet, because our separation has been a back-and-forth process. Lately, I have been more serious about finalizing this divorce. According to the MyFitnessPal app, one pat of butter is 36 calories. Who only uses one pat of butter? Since I am keeping track of my caloric intake, all unnecessary and unhealthy calories must go.  Now, when I have a toasted whole grain bagel in the morning (I’m working my way towards eating just one half of a bagel), I skip the butter and only spread on jelly or preserves. I was reluctant to eliminate butter on the bagel at first because I thought that the bagel would be too dry and hard. I was pleasantly surprised to experience a moist and soft bagel.

By the time my husband and I have our session with the registered dietician, I plan to be officially divorced from butter. I pray that the dietitian can recommend a low-calorie, healthy alternative.  The only contact that I want to have with butter is when I look at the butter sculpture at the New York State Fair. This journey of good health and fitness is a marathon, not a sprint. I am praying for strength for the journey and strength to maintain a healthy pace.

It’s a new day!

My next divorce will be from mayonnaise.  High choloesterol was one of the issues that spurred my new, healthy lifestyle. My husband calls me “Cholestie” to make me remember and to keep me accountable. Whole Foods sells a mayonnaise that contains no cholesterol. We plan to try that option soon. I can only handle one divorce at a time.

How is your journey of good health?  Have you divorced any foods, drinks or bad habits lately?  Pace yourself.  Remain encouraged.

6 thoughts on “My Divorce From Butter

  1. Renee M. Simpson, RD says:

    Good for you. Love your determination and focus. Keep it up, and do let me know if I can help in any way. 🙂

  2. Shirley Dowling says:

    Crystal I have already divorced mayonnaise. I ‘ve tried the substitute from Whole Foods. It’s called Vegginaise and I love it I use it for my salad dressing as well. I appreciate your Blog. Thanks.

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