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Two Hundred Miles

As you can tell from the title, I am still trekking along despite my hurt leg muscle.  I am happy to report that yesterday, I reached the 200 mile mark with my walking!

My average pace has decreased by 13 seconds because I don’t want to aggravate that hurt muscle.  I thank God that the discomfort is not worse than it is and that I can continue to exercise.

Since I believe in celebrating all victories, I bought some exercise gear in anticipation of this accomplishment.  Recently, my husband had given me some gift cards to Lord and Taylor.  I used those gift cards to buy two pair of long pants and one pair of knee-length yoga pants.  They were on clearance, of course.  I told the cashier, “I can’t fit them yet, but I will soon.”  I’m claiming the weight loss!!  How are things going on your good health and fitness journey?  Remember to celebrate how far you have come, literally and figuratively.  Stay encouraged.