Midnight Bowling

A friend of mine invited my husband and me to Midnight Bowling with the marriage ministry of her church.  I had not been bowling in quite a while, so I was excited about the invitation.  In addition to enjoying the fellowship with other married Christians, I would have the opportunity to exercise.  I am not a great bowler, but I can knock down a pin or two. My husband was also happy with the possibility of doing something different on a Friday night.

We are usually up late, so being awake was not an issue. When we are up late, however, we are watching television or working on the computer. In other words, we are usually sedentary in the wee hours of the morning.  By the second game of bowling, we were both looking at each other saying, “Whose idea was this?”  My friend’s husband was quite enthusiastic, despite the lateness of the hour.  He even started a third game, since we still had time on the lane.  Despite my exhaustion on the way home, (thank God for traveling mercies) I was happy that we participated in the Midnight Bowling event. The next day, when time prevented us from making it to the gym for our Saturday exercise regimen, I was glad that, at least, we had the bowling experience to count towards our exercise for the week.  When I did my weekly weigh in this morning, I was pleasantly surprised that missing Saturday’s workout (or the cheeseburger and fries from the snack bar at the bowling alley) did not affect me too negatively, if at all. How is your journey of good health and fitness progressing?

Tomorrow is a holiday in the United States.  Independence Day means food and fireworks.  Mostly food.  Enjoy, but stay focused.  Make healthy choices.  Stay encouraged.