The Effects of Staying Away from Exercise

I missed two days of exercise last week.  Today’s weigh in reminded me of my lapses.  I gained two pounds.  No bueno.  Normally, my husband and I go to the gym four times per week.  Last week, we missed two days for various reasons.  On the first day, we attended a meeting that cut into our exercise time.  Since we both had to get up early the next morning, no gym. The second day was my mother’s 77th birthday. By the time we ran errands and celebrated with her, the gym was closed. Such is life.

I remain encouraged. All is well.  My husband is such a great support. This morning, when I told him that I gained two pounds, he said, “It’s probably just water.”  He always supports and encourages me on this journey. How is your journey?  Please share.  Stay encouraged.

2 thoughts on “The Effects of Staying Away from Exercise

  1. Kathy says:

    What I’ve learned from years of countless weight loss challenges is that weight fluctuates often and for various and often sometimes unknown reasons. I learned years ago not to be a slave to the scale. In the year 2009, my greatest weight loss endeavor to date, I stopped weighing all together. It helped me psychologically to just make workout and dieting a lifestyle, seemed less of a chore that way. And it worked! I lost nearly 40 lbs. Now, I’m starting over again after a surgery. Uggh. I cannot, for all the reasons I could before, get motivated. This scares me because the motivation, whatever it is, serves as the impetus for effective change. If I’m looking in the mirror and am satisfied with what I see, getting on the scale and continue to eat what I want without exercise, and keep buying clothes one size bigger than the last size then that signals a bigger problem to me than being overweight. It says that I’m not bothered by the extra weight and that I’m learning to live with it. That’s not good at all. I joined Weight Watchers and attended one meeting making excuses for why I shouldn’t waste my money. I also picked a gym I want to join and again making excuses for why I shouldn’t waste time and money. At this point, I’m not even sure I’ll go. I pray for God to help me get and stay focused. I want to lose the weight but I don’t want to change my habits. Oh boy.

    • My Faith and Fitness says:

      Kathy, thank you for sharing your struggles. I pray that God will send you the motivation you need to make good health and fitness a lifestyle. Do not be afraid. The motivation will come. I know that it is difficult to continue going to the gym, especially when the weather is nice. I know that it is difficult to break habits of eating fattening foods. The fat is what gives the food the flavor. I know what you are experiencing. You are not wasting your money by joining a gym or Weight Watchers. Consider those costs an investment in your health. You are worth the investment. I will continue to pray for motivation and focus for you. I know that you will receive it and walk in the blessings that God has for you. Be blessed. Be encouraged.

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