The Mammogram, vol. 3

As you can tell from the title, the imaging center called me to come back in again to submit additional images. I submitted two more X-rays and had another sonogram.

Neither the X-ray technician nor the sonogram technician knew why I had to return. The doctor only told the technicians which area to examine. When the X-ray technician took the first image, she was not sure whether she had captured the correct area because she did not see anything on the image. She spoke with the doctor who told her to take the second image. The sonogram technician still did not see anything in the target area, so she examined the entire breast. She still saw nothing.  Then, she called the doctor.

Finally, the doctor arrived. He told me that he saw a 7mm (0.275590551 inches) spot. It is probably normal.  Probably just a lymph node. Since he does not have an older image or images to compare to the current images, I need to come back in six months for even more images. Maybe even another sonogram.

My prayer is, “The spot is benign.  I am fine!”  Pray with me and stay tuned for “The Mammogram, vol. 4” which will be released in December. Remain encouraged.

One thought on “The Mammogram, vol. 3

  1. Viola Bowman says:

    If this was not your first/second mamogram/sonogram, you should obtain a copy of your previous xrays which were taken at another site…..I just remembered your age so I guess this was your first one.

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