The Bright Light of Good Health

This post is not solely for the pastors and ministers, but for all who are in positions of leadership in the church.  Leaders in the church are influential in several ways. The congregants not only listen to what we say, but they also watch how we conduct our lives. When leaders do not invest the time and energy to establish, develop and maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle, some members of the congregation will not view good health and fitness as a priority.  People make an extra effort to participate in activities that are important.  We cannot preach good health and not practice good health.

When I was in seminary, I read “What to Expect in Seminary:  Theological Education as Spiritual Formation” written by one of our Deans, Virginia Samuel Cetuk. Although the text is geared towards seminarians and future pastors, many of her insights are valuable for lay leaders, as well.  Here is one particular quote of hers that I want share.

“To be an effective [church leader] one must stay fit on every level, remain curious and intellectually alive, be willing to do the ongoing work of self-reflection in order to offer authentic and helpful leadership, and maintain a spiritually disciplined life.” (p. 22)

Let us stay motivated to exhibit a healthy and fit lifestyle to our congregations so that we can be effective leaders.  Let the influence we have on others be for their good. We must let our health and fitness glorify God.  Feel free to share your techniques to displaying good health choices to the members of your congregation.  We can all learn from one another.  Stay encouraged.

2 thoughts on “The Bright Light of Good Health

  1. Michelle Ross says:

    I’m not a pastor, but I do agree that congregants are paying attention to the leadership’s role on health and fitness. By being transparent and leading the charge, more congregants might take their health a little bit more seriously if they notice the leadership is doing the same. There’s nothing wrong with the church hosting health fairs, 5K walk/run events to help out the mission’s ministry spread the gospel around the world, or creating their own version of the Biggest Loser. The overall purpose is to restore some kind of balance in peoples’ lives.

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