Exercising While Traveling

New experiences every day. This weekend, I attended a Women’s Leadership Conference at my alma mater, Brown University celebrating 120 years of women at Brown. For three nights, I stayed at a hotel in downtown Providence. Staying at a hotel was not the new experience. EXERCISING at a hotel was a new experience.

Here’s a photo of the exercise room in the hotel. I never visited a hotel fitness center previously, so I cannot comment on the amenities.  The machines served their purpose.  I cannot complain.  I had a very good workout session.

Before my trip, I made a point of packing my exercise clothes not only for one session, but for TWO workout sessions. While I was packing, I could tell that an internal change had happened. Usually, exercising is the farthest thing from my mind when I am packing for a trip. First of all, in the past I didn’t even own enough exercise gear to mention. Things have changed. For this trip, bringing exercise clothes was a priority. I even had to pack an additional bag to accommodate my gear. The health and fitness benefits are worth the extra luggage. As I say to my husband all the time now, “It’s a new day!”

In the interest of full disclosure, I must share that I only exercised one time during my trip. After walking around the campus each day, I did not need to walk on he treadmill.  How are things going on your health and fitness journey?  Remain encouraged.

6 thoughts on “Exercising While Traveling

  1. The Mind-Muscle Connection says:

    What I find strange about working out while traveling is my mental approach as a result of new spaces. Without the familiar my workout seems strange and it is more difficult to focus. But working out while traveling shows commitment!

  2. Michelle Ross says:

    Love the fact that you packed for the possibility and made it happen!!! When I went to Boston for my sorority’s undergrad chapter reunion, I packed my workout clothes. It was great to have others join me in a walk along the Charles River. It TRULY is a new day – EVERYWHERE!!!

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