Renew Your Mind

It all starts with our minds.  When the time comes to eat, we must prepare our meals with forethought.  Planning is the key to healthy eating. Planning takes time, but the benefits are well worth the effort.

When my husband and I made our first grocery shopping visit after starting this healthy life, we spent two and a half hours in the store.  Our grocery shopping trips usually last just one hour.  On that night, we read the labels, checked the items against the ShopWell app that we have on our iPhones and compared the new items to our previous selections. The prior selections were no bueno.  ShopWell said “Avoid” with a red hand.  Now that we have made the initial time investment, future trips to the grocery store should be shorter because we know what to avoid. Now that we have healthy foods in the pantry, meal planning should be faster.  “Should” is the operative word.  I’m optimistic!

When cooking our meals, we are mindful of dietary guidelines so that we can eat the healthiest meal possible. The guidelines from the U.S. Department of Agriculture are helpful. When I was in grade school, I learned about the food pyramid.

Food Pyramid from the old days

I could never remember the amount of each category to eat every day.  Frankly, that food pyramid was intimidating.  Of all things that I had to think about during the day, an information-packed diagram was not something that I needed to add to the list.  Thankfully, the USDA has replaced the food pyramid with MyPlate.

The MyPlate graphic makes it much easier to remember the food items to include on my shopping list and in my meal.  Think about the MyPlate graphic during your next visit to the grocery store and as you prepare your next meal.  Transform your eating habits.  Remain encouraged.